Book Review: “Elisha’s Bones” by Don Hoesel

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Don Hoesel on our radio show:  Kingdom Highlights.  Mr. Hoesel has his new book published by Bethany House and the title is “Elisha’s Bones”.

Make no mistake about it this book is a thriller in the guise of a mild mannered archaeologist.  An event happens in the very beginning that turns Jack Hawthorne, the hero, into a withdrawn cynic completely turned off to the world.  Then multi-millionaire Gordon Reese makes him an offer he cannot refuse.  It seems that the Prophet Elisha’s bones are available to be found and Reese needs Jack to find them as these bones have the power to bring the dead back to life.

If you remember Elisha asked for the double anointing from God from his predecessor, Elija.  Elija did seven miracles so a double anointing would give Elisha 14.  In his lifetime Elisha did 13 so God had to posthumously give Elisha his 14th miracle.  A dead man fell against the prophets bones and was restored back to life.  When Jack scoffs at the miracle power of the bones Reese tells him that the power of God does not fade over time.  This is the major theme of the book as the reader must make his/her own determination as to the truth about the bones and, if they are true, then the power to restore to life must lie in the power of God.

So Archaeologist, Jack Hawthorne is off on a hunt that begins in Venezuela and reconnecting with his old love, Esperanza, or Espy, Habilla.  Then the two of them are off on a hunt that leads them around the world to Adis Abiba in Ethiopia and on to Australia.  And on every step of the hunt are people trying to kill them.  This is the next great theme of the book that men will kill to prevent others from reaching the bones that will provide life.

I do not recommend that you begin this book unless you have lots of time to finish it.  You will get angry with yourself when you have to put it down because you need to get to bed because it is late and you have work the following day.  This is a great page turner with plenty of twists and turns, cliff hanging chapter endings and a climax that has never been done before and probably will never be attempted again.  This book is well worth the price of admission and Don Hoesel does not fail to deliver with the thrills and suspense.  I told him in the interview that his biggest challenge from now on is to equal or surpass what he accomplished here.

Mr. Hoesel is a terrific writer as he has an incredible ability to excite the senses:  you see what they see, you smell the mustiness of the interiors, you feel the mold under your fingers, all of your senses are engaged.  And the characters are extremely believable from the major ones to the minor supporting players.  I still fell terrible for what they did to the butler and he only has a walk on for all of one page.

And then there is the romance.  What good is a thriller without the love story?  Think North by Northwest without the love story–it just won’t work.  And Mr. Hoesel doesn’t fail in this department either.  Jack and Espy were once in love but he walked away from her years before and it is only circumstances that force him to return to her.  So they join together because they need each other but, slowly, like a well-cooked meal, their romance begins to reignite and blossom again.  As good as Jack is he cannot accomplish his mission without Espy and this is part of the fun of the book as we join in the rediscovery of their love for one another.

You would almost think that God is not a character in this book but that is the gift of Mr. Hoesel.  He forces the reader to make a decision about the reality of Elisha’s bones and their power to restore life.  If you decide that they are true then you have to decide in the power of God.  If you decide in the power of God then you have to decide in a relationship with that God.  Mr. Hoesel leaves it all up to the reader.

Elisha’s Bones by Don Hoesel is a very sastifying read.  It would be a blockbuster if someone would turn it into a movie.  Don’t believe me?  Read it for yourself then let me know if you don’t agree with me.  I honestly do not belive that there will be any dissenters among you.  His next book is due out next March so be prepared.  In the meantime we will keep busy reading other books and praying for the movie.

Until the next time.

Victor M. Gentile

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