Book Review: Fearless by Max Lucado

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Max Lucado has a new book, “Fearless” Imagine Your Life Without Fear published by Thomas Nelson.  I have been following the Lord since 1981 and have been reading Max Lucado since equally that long.  I feel that “Fearless” may be his best work ever and that is saying something as his body of work is considerable.

“Fearless” starts out with the question “what if Faith, not fear, was your default reaction to threats?”  Pastor Lucado then hits the ground running by analyzing Matthew 8 where Jesus is asleep on the boat and the Disciples encounter a severe storm that threatens to sink them.  We find that their fear is the same as our fear and their questions are our questions; why are you asleep?  Don’t you even care that we perish?  Then, just like now, Jesus was with them so He wakes up and asks “where is your faith?” and then commands the sea to be still.

Other chapters deal with the fear of lack of value, the fear that we may have run out of forgiveness, the fear of whether we have enough.  There are fourteen chapters and each chapter deals with a specific fear that Jesus said “fear not” to.  Each chapter lets you feel that Jesus is standing with you asking you to give that specific fear to Him so that He could wash it away.  We feel cleaner after each reading and closer to our Savior.

In an age where terrorists want to provoke fear Max Lucado has written a book that promotes faith and washes fear away.  This is a book that should be read many times from beginning to end and each chapter again when we feel that particular fear resurfacing within us.

As I said before I feel that this may be Max Lucado’s best work!

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