Book Review: “The Shadow Lamp” by Stephen R. Lawhead

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Stephen R. Lawhead in his new book “The Shadow Lamp book coverThe Shadow Lamp” Book Four in the Bright Empires series published by Thomas Nelson continues the search for the Skin Map.

From the back cover:   The quest for answers—and ultimate survival—hinges on finding the cosmic link between the Skin Map, the Shadow Lamp, and the Spirit Well.

The search for the map of blue symbols began in a rainy alley in London but has since expanded through space and time and includes more seekers.

Kit, Mina, Gianni, Cass, Haven, and Giles have gathered in Mina’s 16th-century coffee house and are united in their determination to find a path back to the Spirit Well. Yet, with their shadow lamps destroyed and key pieces of the map still missing, the journey will be far more difficult than they imagine. And when one of their own disappears with Sir Henry’s cryptic Green Book, they no longer know who to trust.

At the same time, the Zetetic Society has uncovered a terrifying secret which, if proven, will rock the very foundations of Creation. The quest for answers is no longer limited to recovering an unknown treasure. The fate of the universe depends on unraveling the riddle of the Skin Map.

There is a concept known as Ley Travel.  This is not the same as Time Travel, which is movement between the past, present and the future.  No, Ley Travel, which involves lines of electromagnetic force embedded in the Earth can cause jumps not only in time but in space and reality as well.  Explorer Arthur Flinders-Petrie used these Ley Lines and recorded his trips by tattooing his map on his torso.  When he died this map was divided up in various places and times.  Kit Livingstone is still on the quest given to him by his great-grandfather, Cosimo, to restore the skin map.  This is not an easy task as not only is he in search of it others are as well.  Others that want the map for selfish purposes and do not want Kit to succeed and will stop at nothing to accomplish this.

The Quest is on!  The pieces of the puzzle are coming together.  Are we there yet?  Not hardly, but the getting there is a lot of fun and we are getting closer.  I like a good adventure not only where there is action but where we are forced to think as well.  In “The Shadow Lamp” Stephen R. Lawhead not only provides us adventure he also gives us much to think about.  Kit and his fellow adventurers are placed in deadly danger time and time again, much like the heroes from the movie serials.  Mr. Lawhead gives us such great characters that we are always rooting for them to succeed and get together with each other.  Stephen R. Lawhead has given us an admirable sequel and I look forward with much anticipation to the next and concluding book in this series.

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