Book Review: “The Fatal Tree” by Stephen R. Lawhead

December 17, 2014 at 10:12 am | Posted in Books | 2 Comments
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Stephen R. Lawhead in his new book “fatal Tree book coverThe Fatal Tree” Book Five in the Bright Empires series published by Thomas Nelson continues the search for the Skin Map.

From the back cover:   Kit stared at his fellow questors. “Is this it . . . the End of Everything?”

It started with small, seemingly insignificant wrinkles in time: A busy bridge suddenly disappears, spilling cars into the sea. A beast from another realm roams modern streets. Napoleon’s army appears in 1930s Damascus ready for battle. But that’s only the beginning as entire realities collide and collapse.

The questors are spread throughout the universe. Mina is stuck on a plain of solid ice, her only companion an angry cave lion. Tony and Gianni are monitoring the cataclysmic reversal of the cosmic expansion—but coming up short on answers. And Burleigh is languishing in a dreary underground dungeon—his only hope of survival the very man he tried to murder.

Kit and Cass are back in the Stone Age trying to reach the Spirit Well. But an enormous yew tree has grown over the portal, effectively cutting off any chance of return. Unless someone can find a solution—and fast—all Creation will be destroyed in the universal apocalypse known as The End of Everything.

In this final volume of the fantastic Bright Empires series, Stephen R. Lawhead brings this multi-stranded tale to a stunning and immensely satisfying conclusion.

The culmination of The Bright Empire series was truly worth the wait!  The team has been split up into different time lines and all are trying to, not only get back home, but bring time back to its proper place. Not easy, especially when there is a big tree blocking the way home and if you touch it you die. If you have been following this series through the previous four books then this adventure is what you have been waiting for.  Mr. Lawhead wraps it all up here. I like a good adventure not only where there is action but where we are forced to think as well.  In “The Fatal Tree” Stephen R. Lawhead not only provides us adventure he also gives us much to think about.  Mr. Lawhead gives us such great characters that we are always rooting for them to succeed and get together with each other.  I am sorry to see this series end however I look forward with much anticipation to the next series from this talented author.

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  2. It is sad that this series should end. 😦
    Great review!

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