Guest Post: From Marilyn R. Wilson, author of “Life Outside the Box”

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Guest Post From Marilyn R. Wilson, author of “life outside the box book coverLife Outside the Box”

 What to Read…What to Read!By Marilyn R. Wilson

I have been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. My early years were filled with science fiction and fantasy. Anything else bored me to tears. No longer. Literature has become a smorgasbord of possibilities to indulge in. What I read at any given moment is affected by a wide range of factors, ensuring I will never get in a reading rut.

Recommendations – Recommendations can have a huge effect on my current reading selection. A person sitting next to me in any public place, totally engrossed in a book despite the many distractions, always catches my attention. What are you reading? What do you like about it? If it sounds interesting, I write the title down and pick up a copy. Book reviews are another great source of reading material. With over 8 million titles featured on, reviews are a welcome and manageable way to narrow down the field of possibilities.

Escapism – Life can be crazy at times and stress definitely an increasing problem in our society. Books are a wonderful, easy solution to quiet the storm. Reading offers relief from the daily grind, a distraction to calm the nerves and a chance to step away from life’s demands for a few hours (or if you’re like me – until the wee hours). The perfect genre to pick up will be unique to each of us – Science Fiction, Mystery, Fantasy, Who Done It?, Chic Lit and more all stand poised to offer that much needed escape. I happily indulge in all of these genres depending on that day’s whim.

Raising Our Spirits – What we choose to read is often dependent on our mood. If you’re down in the dumps and feeling overwhelmed by life – there are tons of lighthearted offerings in many categories to help brighten your day. One very funny oldie but goodie is – If Life Is A Bowl Of Cherries, Why Am I Living in the Pits? I also enjoy biographies that are stories of triumph. You might have a few challenging early chapters of struggle, but by the end find yourself caught up in celebrating their victories. I walk away chanting, “I can do it!” Strung tight emotionally? A calming book on meditation or a lighthearted fiction might do the trick. Don’t be afraid to pick up and put down several selections until you find the perfect choice to elevate your mood.

Tween/Teen Fiction – I admit it fully! I have read all the Harry Potter series, The Hunger Games series and The Twilight series. WHY? These books are full of fantasy which I love and transport me out of my world. They are also easy reads. When my mind and body are exhausted, I’m not up to the challenge of a heavy read. I just want to relax and be carried away. I also read many of these titles when my kids were in their teens and reading them at the same time. It made for great conversations around the dinner table.

Cookbooks – There are many like Eat, Shrink And Be Merry that offer funny write-ups alongside the recipes. Others, such as Cocina De La Familia, offer background. The author spent three years talking to hundreds of Mexican and Mexican-American families, collecting more than 200 authentic recipes. Each recipe included in the cookbook is accompanied by the family’s story of the its creation. This kind of light reading tucks easily into short breaks during my busy day and often inspires a supper in the near future.

My Mind – There are times I reach for a more challenging book to stretch my mind. The story might be more complexly written, the topic designed to teach me new a skill, the author might tell the history of an event I am unfamiliar with or it might be an in-depth look at a place I want to explore in the future. These books keep me on my toes. To me, being old means reaching a point where one stops learning and I have no intention of letting that happen. There will always be another book calling me.

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  1. Thanks for the opportunity to step out of my normal writing and do this guest blog for your great website. Hope your readers enjoy it and share their own system for picking books to read.

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