Book Review: “The First Principle” by Marissa Shrock

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Marissa Shrock in her new book, “First Principle book coverThe First Principle” published by Kregel Publications introduces us to Vivica Wilkins.

From the back cover:   If inalienable rights begin with life itself will Viveca have the courage to defend them, no matter what it takes?

In the not-too-distant future, the United Regions of America has formed. Governors hold territories instead of states, and while Washington, DC, is gone, the government has more control than ever before. For fifteen-year-old Vivica Wilkins, the daughter of a governor, this is life as usual. High school seems pretty much the same–until one day, that controlling power steps right through the door during study hall.

When Vivica speaks out to defend her pregnant friend against the harsh treatment of Population Management Officer Marina Ward, she has no idea she’s sowing the seeds of a revolution in her own life. But it isn’t long before she discovers her own illegal pregnancy. Now she has to decide whether to get the mandatory abortion–or follow her heart, try to keep the baby, and possibly ruin her mother’s chances at becoming president.

A rebel group called the Emancipation Warriors, who are fighting to restore freedoms once held unalienable, offer her asylum. Can Vivica trust these rebels to help her or will they bring everything crashing down around her? Accepting their help may come with consequences she isn’t ready to face.

Marissa Shrock’s debut novel crafts a chilling story of what may be to come if we allow the economic and moral crises currently facing our country to change the foundations on which we built our independence–and of the difference one person can make when they choose to trust God’s lead.

Life. You cannot regulate life. Yet, somehow, in the possible future the government has done just that very thing. Get ready “The First Principle” is filled with tension and many twist and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Ms. Shrock has baked Abortion, Government Control, Parental Control and corruption into this politically tense scandal thriller. Then there is the relationship between Juliet and her mother, Salvation, life and who do you follow. Ms. Shrock is highly talented and keeps the story moving at a very high level of quality. Ms. Shrock makes you care for all the characters and their journey while giving you lots to think about.  This is also just plain fun and exciting as well.  Don’t start this book late at night because it will cost you sleep.

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  2. “Ms. Shrock has baked Abortion, Government Control, Parental Control and corruption into this politically tense scandal thriller.” Wow! that’s a succinct way to sum up this novel, Vic. Thanks for being a part of the tour for The First Principle.


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