Interview With Steven James On “Killer Nashville Noir: Cold-Blooded”

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A Conversation with Author Steven James: “killer-nashville-finalKiller Nashville Noir: Cold-Blooded”

1- Mr. James, you’ve been writing for years and have had many great successes. I, for one, have enjoyed many of your books. How do you balance the evil in the world with grace?

I like how you phrased that question. I think honesty in fiction is vital—by that I mean honesty about human nature. Life on this planet is full of both grace and horror, both grief and glory. The balance you’re talking about really comes when we’re telling the truth. It’s easy to close one eye when you look at the world—either pretending that the wound in our heart is all there is or that it’s not as deep as it is. Too many writers shy away from portraying evil as disturbing (they either glamorize it or gloss over it). This is a fractured planet, but it is a place where hope, where redemption are available. Honest storytelling reveals the evil and the grace so we see them both more clearly.
2- What is the most challenging aspect of writing different genres for you? Or do they each just serve their own purpose in your life?
Although I’ve dipped my foot into a lot of different ponds, these days most of my writing is in the field of suspense. I just love intense stories that ask big questions, that get my heart racing, and that are full of twists and turns that I never see coming. Each genre has its own drawbacks and conventions that can become cliches if you’re not careful. If I ever found myself writing cookie-cutter stories, I would know I need to switch to a different genre. Or a different field altogether.
3- What is the most extraordinary thing that’s happened to you due to your career?
The writing has opened up doors to relationships I never would have been able to dream of having. While doing research I’ve toured FBI field offices, military installations, the Pentagon, etc. I’ve ridden along with undercover police officers, toured evidence rooms, consulted with world-renown scientists. All of those are extraordinary, but perhaps the most meaningful thing is the relationships with readers. I love it when I hear from people who say, “I hate reading, but I love your books.”
Is there anything you’d like to add?
There was a recent study that found that over a quarter of Americans didn’t read even a single book last year. Partly that’s because so many people are self-publishing work that isn’t ready to be published yet and people are being turned off from reading. Keep supporting your authors, keep searching out the writing that is excellent, and let’s turn that statistic upside down.
—Steven  J


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  1. Have read many of Steven James’s books and look forward to checking out his story in this anthology.

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