Bible Commentary: “He Set His Face” The Days Of Lent

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Now it came to pass, when the time had come for Him to be received up, that He steadfastly set His face to go to Jerusalem, and sent messengers before His face. And as they went, they entered a village of the Samaritans, to prepare for Him. But they did not receive Him, because His face was set for the journey to Jerusalem” (Luke 9:51-53 NKJV).

Jesus was born in Bethlehem, moved to Galilee and began His earthly ministry in and around that area. He lived for 33 years accomplishing great and mighty miracles and giving new teaching about the greatness and love of the Father. Yet that was not the reason for His life. None of what Jesus accomplished during His life was the purpose of His life.  His purpose was to give His life as a ransom for the many and to provide reconciliation for us with the Father, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many” (Mark 10:45 NIV).

There comes a time in every man’s life when he is going to die, “Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment” (Hebrews 9:27 NIV). On this one day the alarm of Jesus went off signifying that He only had so many days left and that He needed to get to Jerusalem for His appointment with death. He steadfastly set His face to go to Jerusalem or Jesus had grim determination that He was going to go to Jerusalem for it was there that He would be betrayed and crucified.  Jesus had but one reason for His existence that we might be redeemed back to the Father. Jesus told Pilate in the last hours of His life,”You are a king, then!” said Pilate. Jesus answered, “You are right in saying I am a king. In fact, for this reason I was born, and for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone on the side of truth listens to me” (John 18:37 NIV). Paul tells us, “For this very reason, Christ died and returned to life so that he might be the Lord of both the dead and the living” (Romans 14:9 NIV).

Child of God – If Jesus had only one reason for living, to die that we might have life and be reconciled back to the Father, then we need to value His life much more costly than we do! He lived for no other purpose as to be our ransom, the sacrifice for our sin. The value of His life can never be measured. Since Jesus gave His precious life for us we should give our lives freely to Him. “If we live, we live to the Lord; and if we die, we die to the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord” (Romans 14:8 NIV).

Our prayer:
Lord, help me to grasp the deep reality of your sacrifice in my soul. It is so rich that I know it means a whole lot more than I can see. But what I can understand is that I didn’t deserve your sacrifice and yet you loved me enough to do it. Help me not to hold on to my selfish desires and things that are important to me. I want to be detached from them so I can give you my life freely, to serve you and others for your name’s sake. Amen.

If you want to have a personal relationship with Jesus as your Lord and Savior pray: “Dear Jesus, I know that I am a sinner and that out of love for me you willingly sacrificed your life so that I may live. I repent of all my sins and open my heart to you as my Lord and Savior. Amen.

If you prayed this prayer for the first time or if you have any questions please contact us. We would love to hear from you.


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