Book Review: “L.K. Wood: As Everyone Should” by L.K. Wood With Robert J. Scudieri

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L.K. Wood With Robert J. Scudieri in their new book, “As Everyone Should book coverL.K. Wood: As Everyone Should” published by The Spirit Of Naples gives us His Branches Sheltered Many.

From the Back Cover:  L.K. Wood: As Everyone Should is the true story of a larger-than-life man who rose from penniless orphan to real estate tycoon, determined to fulfill the promise he made to his dying father: Take care of family.

Abandoned by his mother when he was only six years old, little L.K. and baby brother Dick ended up in an orphanage. But L.K. quickly ran away, worked as many jobs as he could find, and returned to begin fulfilling his promise. He retrieved his brother and set about providing for both of them and other family he d found.

From there, L.K. lived an extraordinary life that included teaching Clark Gable how to knife-fight, flying B17 bombers over The Hump in WWII, serving as a spy for the OSS, building a multi-million dollar real estate business, and helping bring The Arch to St. Louis. When he was appointed Chairman of the Missouri Real Estate Commission, he put his old spy skills to work and ferreted out criminals gaming the system. He also closed loopholes and instituted reformations in industry regulation that continue to shape the world of real estate today.

But, for all his success, peace eluded L.K. Though his friendships included titans of politics and business August Busch, Mayor Al Cervantes, Governor Joe Teasdale, Vice President Hubert Humphrey, and President Richard Nixon, an anger clouded his star-studded life.

Only the love of his life wife number six held the key that would unlock the angry child inside and lead L.K. to a place of forgiveness toward his mother. . .and peace with his Maker.

For anyone wondering how a person can start with nothing and end with everything that matters, L.K. Wood: As Everyone Should, is a must-read.”

I think, given the same set of circumstances as Mr. Wood, we would quit, get up and walk away. Mr. Wood started his roller-coaster life ride at the early age of six. He did go out and succeed and was able to come back to take his brother out of the orphanage. Success seems to have been what he set out to do and what he accomplished. However life came at him with battering force intensity and he was only human so he developed an anger, starting with what his mother did by putting him and his brother in the orphanage, so it took his sixth wife and The Lord to lead him to forgiveness. The good news about this book, besides that it is very interesting, is that The Lord says He is no respecter of persons. What He has done for one He can do for many. No matter the circumstances in our lives we can overcome them, rise above them and allow our true talent to shine. I think this book is there to show us look what can be done and motivate us to move forward and succeed.

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