Book Review: “A Perfect Mess” by Lisa Harper

September 7, 2009 at 12:29 pm | Posted in Books | Leave a comment
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I had the pleasure of interviewing Lisa Harper on our radio show “Kingdom Highlights”, about her new book, “A Perfect Mess” published by Waterbook Press.  I have to say that Ms. Harper is an excellent Bible teacher and I am going to go out and acquire all of her previous books and be ready for all her new ones simply because she is that good.

The best way to describe what this book is all about is to use the very words of Ms. Harper, “you’ll realize that no matter how many messes you’ve made in your life, you are absolutely adored by your heavenly Father.”  When was the last time anyone showed you that no matter how bad the mess you were in you were still perfectly loved by God?  Well in her book, Ms. Harper takes us on a journey through 12 chapters and 13 Psalms to show us just that.

I hung on every word.  Here is something that most people do not know; I was never a fan of Psalm 1.  I don’t really know why, perhaps I really didn’t understand it but after reading Ms. Harper’s take on Psalm 1 it has moved up into my top 20.  With great humor Ms. Harper guides us through the Psalms showing us why the Psalm was written, giving us little “inside stories” to enhance our appreciation of what we are reading and bringing us into the Throne Room to stand before the King and let us see that He has a great, big smile on His face just for us.

In my opinion everyone needs this book.  I know I sure did and do.  I will read this book again and again because I need to be reminded of God’s great love often and this book will do it every time.  I recommend it highly.

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