Interview with Lee Stephen, Author of “Dawn Of Destiny”

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An interview with Lee Stephen, Author of “dawn of destiny book coverDawn Of Destiny”


  1. What’s something your series has that can’t be found anywhere else in the genre?

I’d like to think a lot of things! If I had to answer on a general level, I’d say a strong faith element. On a more specific level, there’s just so much to choose from. I like a certain degree of zaniness, even in dark or serious material, just to add a dash of flavor. Epic is probably the only hardcore military science-fiction series with a running pie-in-the-face gag. A little ridiculousness can be refreshing.

  1. Do you have another profession besides writing?

I’m an emergency coordinator for the Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness in Louisiana. I’ve been here since the summer of Hurricane Katrina, an event I actually worked through, as we’re right outside of New Orleans.

  1. What is your writing schedule?

I’m a shift-worker, so having any sort of schedule is out of the question. I write every day when an opportunity presents itself.

  1. Any hobbies or quirky things you like to do?

I love playing my guitar and engaging in backyard astronomy. On the quirky side of things, I have a collection of about sixty classic NES games. I’m a bit of an old-school gamer!

  1. What’s on your mp3 player right now?

Up all Night by Blink 182.

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